Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's all good!

So I am now 24 weeks along. i feel the baby move so much! That is the greatest feeling to me, even when he is moving so much that I think he is just going to kick right through me, its good to know that he is doing well in there. Some days it feels like he is doing somersaults in there, and other days he is more quiet.
I did have to go to the hospital on New years Eve because I was having some pain. it turned out that I had a small kidney stone. They just told me that I had to drink lots of water to flush it out. I haven't had any more pain since then so I hope that means that it went away.
Ben is such a sweet boy, but man he can have his days. He can be such a booger sometimes! He loves to give hugs and kisses, which I love! But then he will also hit sometimes and yell and scream. Fun times! I have been trying to potty train him and it is not going well. He is just so stubborn. I just hope he gets it before I have this baby! Even though he can be a brat sometimes, I still love him to death!

Jason started school and he is taking 2 online classes. He is taking math 990 and a computer science class. Math is a struggle for him cause it has been years since he has taken it, but I always help him with his homework so it goes by faster. The computer science class for him is way easy, he is just a computer genius! so he still has a lot of generals to take, it will be a while before he graduates, but at least he is working towards it.
So life is good! Lovin life!