Monday, August 23, 2010

Goodbye Brian.

We have lost a dear member of our family, Brian Oliver. Jason's older brother was such a wonderful person who brought happiness to everyone who knew him. All I keep thinking about is the last time that I saw him was when i had invited Ashley and Brian over for dinner a few weeks ago. We had such a fun time and the whole time Brian was just sitting and playing with Ben, saying what a cute kid he is and how he loves to play with him. I can't believe that he will not be able to sit and play with Ben anymore, Ben had so much fun with him! Jason is having a really hard time with it, he was really close with Brian and he was one of the ones that had found Brian, we all appreciate all your love and support at this time, Jason really needs it, and me too. I know that we will all be able to see him again someday, and my heart goes out to Ashley, having lost the one that she loves, I can't even imagine how that would feel, but we loves you so much Ashley and hope that you know that! So for now, Goodbye Brian and see you in a while!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well I just finished summer classes! I had taken a math class earlier in the summer semester, and I got an A-, which is good for me for math! I just finished taking my final for Biology today, and I got a good score, 74 percent. I am going to pass this class, not with an A but at least I am going to pass, which is the only thing that matters for me now. I do have to take Chemistry and Math 1050 for the fall, so I am not really looking forward to those classes, but it will be nice to be done with all of these classes and be even that much closer to being done with school. I figure I have about 2 years left, depending on when I get pregnant :) As of now though, while I have these few weeks off, I am just going to relax and be a mom! I love all the time that I get to spend with Ben! I am so glad that I don't have to work, thank goodness for Jason, I don't know what I would do without him! He is such a good little worker, and now he has a really good job that he loves! So for now, Life is great!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ohhhh...St. George

How I love St. George! I miss living there sooo much! I wish so much that my family lived there so that we could move back there! I went down there this weekend and got to spend some time with my friend Andrea and her new baby Acacia. It was so great to see her and her baby, who is so cute by the way! Everytime we get to hang out it is so fun to remember all the good times that we had in college.
How it all started:
I moved to St. George when I was 17. I graduated from high school a year early cause I wanted to move away so bad and have a new experience outside of Orem, where I have spent my entire life. I wanted to meet new people and make wonderful memories. I was able to do all of this when I moved to St. George.
The apartments that I moved into were the Abby apartments that are right across from the Dixie college. Some of the best days of my life happened in this little apartment. There I met my roommate and now best friend, Andrea.

We had lived together for a few months and never really talked, we had 3 other roommates, and just never really talked much. But the first time we really saw that we were going to be good friends was when we went to this dating show at the college, and we were making fun of the people on stage! :) Anyways....we made lots of friends after that. We were always inviting new people to come and hang out with us in our wonderful apartment. We first brought Kahui into the group, a guy we met at an institute dance. He then brought with him a few people...Beth, Lane, Katy, Johnny, Brandon. We then met Corbin, who also lived in the Abby apartments. After him we brought in Jason, Greg, Russell and Steve.
We had ourselves a fun little group whom we hung out with everyday just about! With these people we made some great memories! We would play this card games called scum all the time, with Kahui cheating whenever we played with him. We would play capture the flag on Dixie campus every Friday night. Then we played halo on the xbox every Saturday. We went to Vegas a few times, on one occasion to rescue our friends who had been stranded there because their car had broken down. We would drive around town just trying to think of new things to do, and when we couldn't think of anything we would just end up back at the apartment to watch a movie or play a game. We also discovered Mystery Science Theater 3000. This is a show that use to be on T.V. where they would play a really old bad movie and this guy and his robots would make fun of it while they watched it. It is the best thing ever made! The best one being called, Manos, the hand of fate! Watch it! I had a lot of dating experiences here as well. I had never had a boyfriend before I moved there, but then I had a lot after that. I frist dated this guy named Tony, who was not very nice and he was a smoker, so that didn't last very long. I then dated Kahui, who was fun, and we went dancing a lot to this country club, which was fun because I love to dance! He wasn't very nice to me though, and I eventually moved on from him to Russell. Russell was a very nice guy and he treated me very well, but I didn't treat him very well and when I think about it now I wish I would of been nicer to him, but I was only 18 and really immature. I am still friends with him now though, so I can make up for not being very nice to him then. After Russ I dated Greg, who I actually kind of stole from my other friend Beth, which I think she never really forgave me for that, but it wasn't my fault, he asked me out! :) But I dated him the longest, and he was the best boyfriend I had ever had up til that point! He was so nice to me and pretty much gave me whatever I wanted, but it didn't end up working out, I wasn't very nice to him, like I said I was 18 and really immature, but I have so much regret for being mean to him and I wish that I never would of treated him that way, he didn't deserve it. But things ended with us when there were many rumors that were going around that I was still "flirting" with Kahui, my ex. These weren't true but it was tough to convince him. I think he also broke up with me because his mom didn't like me, which was understandable since I wasn't very nice to Greg. Of all the things in my past I wish I could go back and change this the most, mainly because I just have all this regret about how I was mean to him and how I should of been different with him. But life goes on and I eventually got together with Jason, who I had been friends with for a year before we starting dating. He was such a nice guy and we ended up dating for a year before we got married.
I do remember all of these fun things that me and Andrea would do, but the funny thing is I hardly remember working or going to class! Either I just blocked all of that out because I only remember the fun things that we did or I just didn't go to class or work while I was there :)
Anyways....I do love going to St. George and driving by all the places where we created these great memories and just thinking about all of the things that we use to do, crazy fun things!