Friday, July 6, 2012

Here we go...

So just to give a little update,
Jason just quit his 2nd job, his last day in on the 12th.
This is a a good and scary thing at the same time.
It will be really nice to have Jason here more often, I know that he has really been wanting to have more time with the kids and to do things that he wants to do. But the things that is scary is that we just won't have very much money, which we can get by on just his one job, but barely. He did just get a little raise at his one job, so that is good. I am not working because I am going to school and there is no one that would really hire me with the specific hours that I would need, part time and at night. So for now I am just being Mommy and going to school, I really want to finish school!
But other than that our little family is doing great! Ben and David are just the 2 sweetest, adorable little human beings on the planet!! ;) I could not think of anything that would make me want to have any less time with them, I LOVE being able to stay home with them, and when I go to school I am able to just have family members watch them, so that is a good feeling. The scary thought is that once I get accepted into the nursing program, it is a full time gig, so they will have to go to daycare, eeks! But that won't be for a least another year, maybe 2, so I don't have to think about that just yet! So for now, we are all great, flourishing and loving life!
Here is a list of things that David is doing and saying:
1. mama
2. Daddy
3. Papa
4. bye bye
5. uh-oh
6. baba (for bottle)
7. cracker
8. Ben
9. Quack (for what does a duck say)
9. puppy
10. more
11. gaga
12. no no
13. peepee (he discovered he was a boy and says it whenever I change his diaper now!)
14. woof (for what does a puppy say)
15. bubble
16. Hi
17. shoes
18. toes
He loves to walk and is already trying to take off running! He loves to give hugs and kisses! He is such a sweetie, but he does have a set of lungs on him! He can scream with the best of 'em!

Ben is super smart too! He is so social.

He will just say hi to everyone and anyone, and David has picked up that habit too! But people are always so friendly to them and they are just good kids! I hope they keep these attitudes as they get older, I want them to be good, smart, happy boys!