Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ben's Cure to no diapers, Potty training!

SOOOOOOOOO....Potty training has gone so amazing!
I know I know, he is a little bit older, he will be 3 in Sept. and I know that everyone always says that boys always train later, usually around 3 or 4. Sheesh, I did not want him to be 4 when he got trained, that just seems so old to me!


So far things have gone really well! We started him on the potty on Thursday and he has just taken off, I'm serious!

The first day: We say him on the toilet and I thought that he was going to be really resistant to it, cause every time we have tried to train him in the past he has just freaked out every time we put him on the potty. But this time he didn't, he didn't go but he didn't freak out. So we just kept asking him if he needed to go and then the first time he actually went me and Jason were in there with him and we got all excited and gave him high fives and he got a treat! I have this jar full of candy that I have sitting on our dryer, which is right in front of the potty. So he got to pick a candy out of there. Then he had 3 accidents the rest of the day, one while we were out.

The second day: We put a diaper on Ben at night when he went to bed, of course, knew he wouldn't be able to hold it in at night. But when he woke in the morning, the diaper was not very wet. So then the whole day he was able to tell us when he needed to go peepee, and we would go to the potty and sit down (hint, with boys, if you train them to sit down first, which we are doing, have them either hold their little weewee down or sit forward or the pee will go everywhere. Learned this when Ben starting going pee and I was sitting right in front of him and it got all over my pants!)
He only had 2 accidents.

Today, third day: NO ACCIDENTS!!! He has told us every time he needs to go to the bathroom and has gone every time he sits down! We tell him how proud we are of him and he gets a little treat!

No poopy so far, hoping that he will soon. That's a funny thing to hope for, but I know as soon as he can do that then he will really be accomplished! I have a little toy car sitting on top of the dryer that he can see so he knows that he can get that car as soon as he goes poopy in the potty!

Big boy! I have been wanting to get him trained since he was 18 months old, knew that it wasn't going to happen so I have been trying here and there until I could tell that he was really ready to go by himself! Can't push this kid to do anything unless he is really ready and wants to do it himself, I guess that can be a good thing when it comes to certain things, sucks when you are wanting to get them potty trained!