Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is new?!

Well, I wanted you all to know that I have put some new pictures on here, of Ben of course! Even thought this is a blog of our family, the only pictures you will see is of Ben, with an occasional picture of me and Jason with Ben. But Ben pictures are the best ones too look at anyways.
So to get updated, the best news we have right now is that Jason just got a new job! We are so excited! Jason has worked at Teleperformance for 2 years and that place was evil. They never treated Jason well and he hated it there, but he stuck in there for 2 years. I was on the internet everyday sending his resume to so many companies, even some in St. George, in hopes that someone would call him. Then one day a company called him from Mozy. Then he went in for an interview on Friday, and they called him on Monday and gave him the job! Mozy is a computer company which is the best description that I can give, Jason told me what it is that he will be doing but I have no idea what it is. So we are so excited about that! It will come with a big pay increase as well as health insurance which me and Jason haven't had in 3 years.
As you can see from the pictures of Ben, he is no longer a baby, and he just keeps getting bigger and bigger! He will be turning 2 in September, wow! Now the only thing that would make life complete would be for me to get pregnant! Stay tuned for a posting of that in the near future, hopefully!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Translating baby language.

get doon- Get down
poon- Spoon
pork- Fork
I yuv u- I love you
mo pez- More please
dank u- Thank you
hep- Help
wunning- Running
pin- Spin
yunch- Lunch
baboon- Balloon
boo- Blue
reen- Green

Most other words that Ben says are understandable, but these are some ones that he says that are so funny! He also has a lisp, so it makes it even cuter!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Temple day!

We got sealed in the temple for all eternity as a family on Feb. 20th. It was such an amazing day! All dressed in white, Benjamin was so adorable, aside from the fact that he was really sad most of the time. He was crying the whole time that the sealer was talking, and he was not wanting anything to do with anyone except for Jason. He loves his daddy! We were so happy that most of our family was able to come and share in our heavenly experience! It was all worth it though, and now we will be together forever!

Life as of now.

Life goes by everyday so fast, if only there were a way to slow it down! Well, just to tell a little bit about the Wee olivers....Right now Jason is working at Teleperformance, which he hates! He was going to school but he is taking the summer off. He is studying Biology, but still doesn't know what he want to do yet. For me, I am in school now, for the summer, and I will be taking Math and Biology. Sound fun, I know you are jealous! I am studying to become a nurse, at least that is the plan, who knows how long it will take for me to get done, but hopefully not too much longer. I have to still take another math class and anatomy as well as chemistry before I can get accepted into the LPN program, so wish me luck! As for our little one, Benjamin, he is just getting bigger all the time and smarter all the time! He is now 20 months, which I think sounds so funny when they reach a certain age and people still tell you how old their child is in months, for heaven's sake he is one and a half, the end! Other than that, he just enjoys being a boy and doing all the boy things, like getting dirty and playing outside, rough and tumble! He is so much fun though! He loves his mommy and daddy as well as his momma and papa, which he calls my mom and dad. He also enjoys the time he gets to spend with all of our family members, especially aunt Leigha, who he calls eeya! We love him being in our life, and can't wait for the next little one to come and join our wee Oliver family!