Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When it rains it pours.....

It is so true, everything seems to go along fine and then when one thing happens, everything else seems to happen at the same time!

First: Jason lost his job in March, on unemployment for 6 months, til finally he got a job, after searching forever for one! Now he is working 2 jobs, so that worked out ok.

Second: Our cavalier has always run just fine, we bought it used, its a 04. Then one day it just starts having a hard time starting. Then it just stops working all together. Luckily, my bad is a mechanic so he was able to come over and try and find out what was wrong with it. We first thought it was the battery, so we replaced it and it would start, but then the next day when we went to go drive it, it wouldn't start again. So then my dad checked it again, and said it was the fuel pump, so he replaced that too. Then it worked! So we drove it for a day, then the next day it was dead again! So we finally took it in to have it looked at and they hooked it up to a computer to see what was not working and said it was the spark plugs. So they fixed that and now it is working! For now....

Third: Still poor, from Jason not working for so long, used up all our money, so now we start out at the bottom again, trying desperately to save as much as we can, still wanting to get a house someday!

Fourth: Holds on both mine and Jason's school records which was preventing us from registering for classes next semester. Got mine taken care of and signed up for Anatomy and Chemistry next semester (yeah me!) Jason has no time whatsoever to go in and meet with a counselor, which is the only way they will take a hold off, so he will probably not be taking any classes next semester, which just puts him further behind to finishing school. Hopefully, if all goes as planned, I will be done with school next April!

Fifth: David is teething, Literally getting no sleep at night!

Sixth: Family issues, not gonna say anything more on that.

Out of all of this that has happened, I still do have a lot to be thankful and grateful for! I have wonderful parents, who are always there to help meet our needs whenever we are in need! I am grateful for my dad, that he is always willing and able to fix our car problems! I am grateful for my mom, who is always wanting to help out with the kids when we need a babysitter!
I am very thankful for all of our family, and the relationships that I have with all my brothers and sisters!
I am very, truly grateful for my husband! Even though I know I do not praise him enough and show how much I appreciate all of the hard work that he does and how much I think that he is a wonderful dad! I need to get better and telling him those things!
And of course, I could never live my life without my 2 babies! Every time I look at them, it takes strength, and me telling myself to hold it together to not just cry, just cry out of the happiness that I feel when I look at them and know that they are mine forever! To know that I created these little people and my heart just fills with love! I am trying really hard not to cry while writing this, man I am such a mush! But I really could not live without them, it is hard for me to think that if anything were to ever happen to either of them how I would go on living, so I try not to think about it. But anyways...I just love my boys!
so, now, we are just working on trying to stay sane and for me, trying to finish school so that we can have a better life and get into a house! That is the ultimate goal, cause we can't have any more kids til we get more space! :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

What a fun Halloween this year! Ben was actually able to understand it this year and he had a blast! He was dressed as woody this year and David was a cute pumpkin!
We had parties all weekend and then went up to my dad's work and they had a little trick or treating that we did there! It was really fun!