Monday, August 15, 2011

What's new pussycat?

hehe, like that? I was just watching the three amigos the other day that's what the title is about! :)
to update, Ben and David are doing wonderfully! Could any 2 boys be cuter than they?
Ben just loves David so much, he has never once shown any anger towards him or hurt him or anything, always just gives him hugs and kisses whenever he can!
Ben will be turning 3 in a few weeks, wow, how time goes so fast, can't believe it! Can't believe that he will be going to school in 2 years, holy smokes!
But he is just so energetic! He is a chunker too, but we are hoping that when he gets older too that we will enroll him in sports so that he will mold into a more healthier physique! :) But for now he is a 3 year old and does all the things a 3 year old is expected to do, plus probably like 10 things more on top of that. He is potty trained (Yeah!) He runs and talks non stop, he yells and jumps, he plays and yells, he whines and yells, and he colors the walls and yell. But we love him soo much! He brings so much life and entertainment to our family!
David, David, David, he is our little bug! He is a really happy baby and he loves to talk to people! He will talk for hours, his little baby talk! He has now laughed and he laughs all the time when you do something that he feels is funny! :) He is a really good sleeper at night usually going about 7-8 hours. He loves to be held, of course, and he definitely not spoiled! ;)
I am going to have such a hard time going to school in the fall. I am taking math 1050 as well as my CNA course to get into the LPN program at the MATC. It will be a lot of work, but I am determined to do it and get finished with my schooling by the end of next year.
Jason now has a job, it sucks but it is better than nothing. He works at Convergys doing the USPS project. He likes it though so far and they do have a few perks for him. He gets free health insurance and he can work as much overtime as he wants to, which for us right now he will have to. But he is doing good. He is taking a history class in the fall and is just inching away at school until I get done so that I can work and then he can go to school full time! He is really looking forward to that ;)
So we are doing well. Getting there inch by inch.