Monday, June 27, 2011

What more could I ask for?

I love my sweet little family! I just have to brag a little! I mean, come on, wouldn't you? hehe. I have 2 amazing boys who I love to death! Even though one poops on me and the other tells me to go and sit in time-out! haha...I just love them though!
David is getting better at sleeping at night, so that is a huge help!
Ben is just Ben, what else can I say, he is a 2 year old, but he can be really sweet too!
Love my family!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

David and Ben, My two sons, wow!

First I just want to give an update of everything. Well, Jason had lost his job at Mozy in March, which was right before I had the baby, but it all worked out ok. But now he got a new job just the other day at It is a little lower paying, but it is a new place that he has never worked before, and they give commission and over time, so it will work out just fine.
Jason and I are going to school over the summer. I am enrolled in psychology and math 1050 and Jason is taking psychology. Both my classes are online, and I am nervous about my math class, but at least it is the last math class I have to take. Jason and I are also going to school in the fall, and the good news is that I will have my Associate degree by the end of the fall semester. A small accomplishment, but for me it feels great! Then I will be onto the MATC to complete the LPN program that they offer. I am super excited to get that done so that I can send Jason to school to finish his degree, which he has no idea what that is yet!
And the boys, my boys, are just great! Ben is sooo ridiculously smart! I just can't get over all the things that he says, that he learns. The other day he told me that an arachnid is a bug with 8 legs and that galoshes are boots that you wear in the rain, both things that he learned from sesame street, gotta love that! He loves to go camping and fishing with his dad and grandpa! What can I say, he is all boy, he loves to play outside any chance he gets and to not listen to his mommy and daddy :) And David just is growin away! He has out grown the preemie clothes and is now into the newborn sizes and the 0-3 month sizes, some of which are kinda big. But he now smiles and "talks" all the time! He still is not that great of a sleeper, he usually will not sleep unless someone is holding him, as soon as you put him down he wakes up and cries, so we will have to work on getting him to sleep by himself,the unique chance of him sleeping without being held but its tough having to make them cry themselves to sleep :(
All I can say is that I love my little boys, wouldn't have it any other way! I just hope that I get a girl eventually, but I would be ok with just boys too!