Saturday, April 23, 2011

David Henry Oliver-New addition to the Wee Oliver family!

Ok, so to get everyone updated and talk about everything that has happened. So I went in to the doctor on Thursday of last week for an ultrasound. For a few weeks before it had shown that the baby was growing small. So on that Thursday, the doctor said I was still measuring small and that the baby wasn't growing properly, so he decided that it was safer to deliver the baby a few weeks early then take the chance that he might not make it living inside the womb. So I went in to the hospital on Friday the 15th for a scheduled C-section at noon. So I was in the hospital at ten getting all prepped for the surgery, which involves getting an IV, taking some meds, monitoring the babys heartrate. So when it was noon they took me back to the surgery room and gave me the epidural. They lay you down and put a curtain up in front of you when they do a C-section. They also gave me air, which made me feel more claustrophobic. So then the 2 doctors start the surgery. From start to finish it took about an hour, it was a little longer this time then it was with Ben cause they have to cut through scar tissue. So then they announced that it was time to deliver the baby, thats when I started to cry. Then I knew the second that they had pulled him out cause he cried very well. I was bawling at this point cause the one thing that I was worried about the most was how developed his lungs were going to be. But from his first cry I knew that he was going to be ok. So they got him all cleaned up and then brought him over to me for a few seconds before they took him to the nursery. They got me all sewn back up and then took me to the recovery room where my mom and Jason's parents were waiting. Jason was with the baby. So then Jason came in and said that I wouldn't be able to see the baby yet cause he was having a little trouble breathing. I was pretty out of it cause I was really tired and all the meds were making me tired. So then after about an hour they took me to the postpartum room. Then I got the update that they had to keep David in the special care nursery for a while and that I wouldn't be able to see him. I was pretty upset, I wanted to see and hold my baby.
So after a few hours they decided that they needed to take him to the Nicu. At this point he was put on air and they had put an IV on him to help him stay nourished. I was really upset that I wouldn't be able to see him until I was able to stand up and walk around, which for me took a day. But as soon as I was up and able to move at least a little bit, I made it down to the Nicu and was able to see my son for the first time, other than that few seconds in the delivery room. It was such a sad sight though to see him hooked up to all these machines and they also put a pic line in his head, which is a small IV that they use to put fats and vitamins in for him. I couldn't hold him, I could only look at him. It wasn't until the day after that that I got to hold him for the first time. That was the best thing!
So I was in the hospital for 4 days, I got out on Tuesday. This was a sad day, to have to leave the hospital without my baby :( Still sitting here thinking about it is making me cry. But, the good news now is that he keeps getting healthier everyday! I go to the hospital everyday and 10 am, 4pm, and 10 pm to feed him. Today the update is that he now has the pic line out of his head, he is completely off the air and he is gaining weight! He still is tiny, he was born weighing 5 lbs. 6 oz. He lost a few ounces and now he weighs 5lbs 4 oz. But he was at 5 lbs. 3 oz. so he has gained an oz. But he is getting to be more alert at each feeding that I go in to feed him. so now the goals for him to be able to come home is for him to be eating each feeding from me, except at night they will feed him from a bottle. But he has to be able to eat at least 3/4 from me of the amount the he has to eat. Right now he is suppose to be getting 33 ML of milk, and he usually gets between 10 and 20 from me at each feeding, so he is getting so close to be able to come home!
It has been the worst experience for me so far, I never would want anyone to go through this, it sucks not being able to have your baby home with you! But it makes me happy that he just keeps improving and getting healthier! I love him so much! I can't wait til the day that I get to bring him home to his mommy, daddy and big brother Ben!

Friday, April 8, 2011

little baby

So to get everyone updated, even though I don't even think anyone reads my blog, oh well, it kind of feels like keeping a journal anyways. :)
So I went to the doctor last week and they said that I was measuring a few centimeters small. So the doctor was a little concerned and so he sent me in to have an ultrasound and is showed that David was measuring small, he was in the 10th percentile, which the doctor said that is the danger zone for babies for how far along I am. So I started freaking out of course and he said the we will have to keep him monitored and we might have to deliver him early.
So I went and met with the high risk doctor and they did another ultrasound. This one showed more detail and that David was really healthy inspite of him being small and that everything else looked good. So the doctor said the same thing, to just keep him monitored every week.
So I went and saw my regular doctor on April 4th, and I had a non stress test done. That is where they hook me up to the baby heart monitor and the contraction monitor just to monitor the baby's heart rate for like 45 minutes. That test ended up being good, so for now baby David gets to stay in for at least another week.
I have another non stress test on Monday, and then another ultrasound on the 14th. If he hasn't gained any weight in that ultrasound then they will probably deliver him!
I am really nervous, at the last ultrasound he was weighing 4 pounds 8 oz. I am scared to have a little small baby! I hope that he has gained some weight at his next check up! The funny thing too is that I am bigger this time then I was when I was pregnant with Ben and he was 8 pounds 10 oz. The doctor said that he was an extra big baby, so he was like the exception. hahah so funny! But whatever happens I just hope that the baby will be healthy when he gets here!