Saturday, June 26, 2010


You know when it is time for summer when all you feel like doing is just getting soaked! Well, Ben does that very well!

Aside from that, I love the summertime, yes even the outrageous heat! Even though our apartment doesn't have air conditioning, and right now looking at the thermometor in our apartment it shows that it is 85 degrees in here, I like it! There is something about getting stuck to the seat in my car that just puts a smile on my face! :) It is fun though to be outside with Ben and watching all the fun things that he does! He loves to play in the water, which is funny because I took him swimming yesterday and he did not want to be in the pool, he was just playing outside the pool. But he did like to play with the hose and get wet that way, and boy was he soaked! But it was just fun to watch him!

Welcome back Summer, I have missed you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Just some fun Ben stuff!

So having a kid is the greatest thing in the world and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot! It is hard sometimes when he is having a big temper and then he just won't listen, but he is such a sweetie and I love him soooooo much! It is always handy to have a camera around, cause you never know when they are going to do something really cute or funny! So I always carry my little camera with me in my purse and today it came in handy. Ben likes to run, oh man does he like to run! We went out to dinner for my sister Leigha's birthday and while we were waiting Ben was running around outside. I took some really cute pictures and then he found this little baby bird that had fallen out of a tree or something and it couldn't fly, so Ben was just chasing it around, it was so cute. He kept saying "funny" anytime that the bird would run away. Then the mommy bird flew down right past Ben to be next to her baby bird, I thought it was going to attack Ben! Then we went to eat and while we were eating, Ben wanted some of my mom's "juice" which was raspberry lemonade and they serve it in a wine glass, the picture I took just looks so funny, he looks like he is wasted! LOL, oh man, the things they do to make us laugh!

Fourwheeling for Father's Day.

We went fourwheeling up the mountain for Father's day. We went with my parents and it was so much fun! I love to go fourwheeling and it is really fun for Ben to go and he LOVES it! All he says all the time is "Ride the Rhino", which is a kind of fourwheeler that my dad owns. It was so beautiful up the mountain. Everything is so green from all the snow and rain. It's like our own little piece of Ireland. Jason was able to go which made it even better! I lvoe my family and all of the great memories that we create with them! I hope that Ben will have some great memories of his childhood!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fishing for Memorial day.

So after we went up the canyon on Sunday, we went fishing with my dad, brother sister and brother in law on Monday. It was a lot of fun! We went up to Scofield. We just fished from the shore, but we were able to catch 4 fish! My brother Brent caught 1, my dad caught one and me and Ben caught 2 from Ben's little buzz lightyear pole! It was a lot of fun! It was funny though cause when we tried to get Ben to take a picture with the fish he was freaking out! He did not want to be next to the fish! No luck for Kelsey and Steve, but they will have better luck next time! It is nice to do fun things with family! Nothing better than that!

Camping on Sunday

So we all went as a family, my family, up to Hobble creek canyon. It was so much fun! It is always nice to have a nice sunny day and to be around wonderful family! we ate and then played some baseball! It reminded me of a scene from Twilight where they are in the field playing baseball, but for us there was no thunder. LOL. I know I am retarded. Anyways, it was such a nice day and we had so much fun!