Friday, December 16, 2011

Online Christmas card

So I have never sent out Christmas cards, so I figured I would just write an update on here.
He turned 3 in Sept. And everywhere I take him everyone always thinks he is 5. I took him to the Wic the other day and he weighs 43 pounds, which is a pound down from the last time he was there a few months ago. I know he shouldn't be losing weight, but he is a big boy. He is also 39 1/2 in. tall. He is so smart, as anyone who has ever talked to him knows. My mom says that he talks like he is a 1st grader (she is a teacher). He does talk A LOT. He says the funniest stuff that I never know where he picks these things up. He has a new word every week that he likes to use with everything. This week it has been "Fabulous" everything is fabulous. Last week the word was "Marvelous". But he is a sweet boy also, he loves hugs and kisses. He is also very social for someone his age. He says hi to everyone we see when we go out and he loves to play with other kids and make new friends. He is like the complete opposite of me. I am very shy and it is hard for me to make new friends. He likes trains and cars. He is a total boy! He loves his family, especially David and Grandma and Grandpa (or as he calls them Gwamma and Dumpa)He loves to sing! It is the cutest thing watching him sing! He has been singing the Christmas songs, and he will just randomly start singing along in the car with whatever song is playing. My favorite that he sings is "love you like a love song" by Selena Gomez, it is so cute! But he lights up our life like we never knew our life could be without him!

He is now 8 months old! Can't believe how fast he has grown. He is just a shadow of the tiny preemie baby that was in the Nicu! He has chunked up and he is also very smart! He is now officially crawling, he has been for a few weeks now. He has gotten his 2 baby teeth on his bottom gum in the front, that are so cute! He is already starting to try and walk, ugh, not ready for that yet! But he also says a few baby talk words "baba", "dada", "mama" and he has tried to say Ben a few times! He loves to smile and laugh, he has the sweetest laugh! He is also very social. He is a pretty bad sleeper though. He will only sleep part of the night in his swing, then he wakes up to eat and then spends the rest of the night in our bed. Just like Ben, (Who still is a bad sleeper also, he comes into our bed almost every night.) He is now eating more solid foods. His favorites are sweet potatoes and squash. He does not like green beans or peas. We love him to death, and life with Ben could only have gotten better with this addition of our sweet spirit David!

He is working 2 jobs. He works 8:15-4:45 mon. thru fri. at Accelerated Payment. Then he works from 5:30-11:30 tues, thur, fri, and sat. at Convergys. He is a trooper! He doesn't like working 2 jobs, but he does it so that he can provide for us in this time that we are deeply struggling! Hopefully with him working these 2 jobs though we can get some money saved up. I would still like to buy a house someday. But other than that, he just works and sleeps basically. He probably won't be going to school until I finish school. so ya, not much to tell about Jason :)

I just finished my CNA class through the MATC. I am just waiting now to take the state test at the end of Jan. Hopefully I pass so at least I can feel like I am accomplishing something! So next semester I will be taking Anatomy and Chemistry. Insane, I know, but I really want to get done with school! And I just found out that they don't hire LPN's at the hospital anymore, so i am really frustrated about that, cause I was planning on working at the hospital when I got done with school. So now I have no idea what I'm gonna do! I really really want to be done! So hopefully I can just pass my classes next semester!

Merry Christmas to all! Love ya!