Saturday, January 28, 2012

Growing Boys!

So just to get a little bit of an update....

David turned 9 months on the 15th of Jan. He is growing really fast and getting so smart! He has been crawling since 7 1/2 months, he now pulls himself to stand and is trying so hard to walk, I am sure he will pretty soon. He really wants to catch up with Ben!He says "Dada" most of the time and he also likes to say "mama" but only when he desperately needs me. He starting saying ball the other day but then stopped. He is now sleeping in his own bed, and he has been sleeping in their pretty good, usually about 8-10 hours a night, and he wakes up to eat usually once or twice.
He loves to be held, so it makes it hard to get stuff done during the day (especially homework) but he is a really good baby! He loves to laugh!
He really loves Ben and loves to be around him and play with him!
He eats pretty much all the baby foods that we give him, his favorites are sweet potatoes and bananas. We have also started him on some more solid foods that we eat, just break it into tiny pieces. He is just so cute! We love him so much!

Ben is super smart and cute too! He is growing taller and now starting to lose some of the chubbiness that he had. He loves to play, and especially video games. His new favorite game is the lego star wars on the PS3. He is really good at it, and is addicted, not gonna lie, we have to restrict his game playing during the day. But he loves to play with other kids his age, and he is a really nice kid to them. He loves to be with his cousins especially!
His speech is getting more and more advanced. He talks like a little adult sometimes, its really funny! But he loves to help out with David and with things that I need. He is amazing, couldn't ask for a better son! We love him so much!
He is excited to go to school, he asks me all the time when he can go, I keep telling him 2 more years, he will get to go to preschool when he is 5, he is looking forward to that, and me too! He will be a really good student, I just need to teach him the alphabet, he only knows 3 letters (BEN).
We started doing FHE a few weeks ago and he seems to really enjoy that too! He loves to learn new things and to color and see pictures of Jesus. Like I said, he is really smart, and he retains so much information after just telling him something once.
I can't wait to see what kinds of boys and men they will both grow to be, I hope that they will continue to be smart and healthy and kind and sweet! I don't know what I would do without them! They are my whole life and heart!

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