Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fun time in life!


David is now 10 months, holy smokes..time goes so fast! He is such a cutie pie and so smart! He is trying so hard to walk, trying to keep up with one of his favorite people, Ben! He loves Ben so much, he wakes up in the morning and gets a huge smile on his face when he sees Ben, it is the sweetest thing! He is trying really hard to talk too, he yells and does his own little talk, but he is trying to say Ben and Juice. Can't get over how smart this kid is, and cute, like I said before! :)
Ben is also very smart, even though I know he has been a little behind in learning a few things, like his letters, which has been driving me nuts for some reason! But he now knows most of his letters, and he picked it up so fast! He loves Star wars, and anything to do with star wars! He has this lego video game that he is obsessed with!
He also loves his baby brother very much!!

As far as my life goes...
I get kidney stones all the time, which sucks because we have no health insurance so each visit to the E.R. is pricey! I got a wonderful blessing from Jason the other day that I hope will make the kidney stones subside so that I can focus on my life! I am taking Anatomy right now, which is proving to take up all my extra time, plus more at times! It is hard, I know everyone I talk to says that they loved it and that they were the top of their class, I am just barely making it through, I do like it, but it is challenging for me to memorize everything!!
I need to get a B- to pass the class for nursing, so good luck to me :)
But I love my life! I love spending as much time as I can with my boys, they are the only reason I do this, so I can provide a better life for them and give them everything that they need and deserve! I want to make a better life for them! I want to get a house so they actually have space to run and play! I want to be able to pay for their schooling and missions! I know that is far off, But I am a planner!
I hope to be done by next year, if all goes as planned!
For now, our life is good!

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